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Welcome to Caledonia!
Fàilte gu Caledonia!

Note that we are in one of the formation phases of our firm, and as such stress that we are NOT an operating bank just yet. As such we are not yet licensed, authorised or regulated by the FCA or Bank of England (UK’s Central Bank)


Thanks for your interest in our site. We’re currently in the process of redeveloping it, so our site is not ready for public access just yet. But don’t worry, we can’t wait to share it with you soon! Stay tuned for updates and exciting news. 

If you have registered an account as a member of our team, as an investor or via invitation to join our test group, please continue by clicking anywhere around the sunset in the picture above.  

Due to privacy regulations and concerns, all other attempts to register will regretfully result in your details being rejected for the time being. Should you be interested in being notified please register your interest by completing the newsletter form below. 

Many thanks! 

Your Caledonia Team

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